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The Seychelles are different from most holiday destinations around the world due to its makeup of a wide range of islands. Every island in the Seychelles archipelago is unique. These islands can be divided into two separate groups – the central group of islands and the outer group of islands. For instance, Mahe Island which falls in the category of central group is made out of granite. On the other hand, the outer islands are formed through coral accretion. They are usually flat and small, lying just a few metres above the sea level. Apart from Mahe, the islands which attract the most number of visitors each year are Praslin and La Digue. The weather stays pleasant almost all throughout the year, making it a must to experience the beauty of more than one island in your Seychelles trip. Almost all the Seychelles vacation packages cover the main islands mentioned above, while you can take a helicopter exploration trip to the smaller islands.

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Mahe Information

Mahe Information

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Seychelles Map

Seychelles Map

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Seychelles Weather

The climate of Seychelles is not extreme. The maximum temperature seldom goes above 35°C and the minimum temperature rarely dips below 24°C. However, the existence of the cyclone belt makes the rainy season sometimes a little harsh. The rain in the month of January and February proves rejuvenating for the streams, rivers, and the foliage of the islands. The period between May and September marks the Seychelles winter (which is warm and comfortable). This period is an excellent time to visit though the weather remains quite pleasant all throughout the year. The conditions for diving, snorkeling and swimming are at their best during these months. The cooler, windier conditions are also ideal for activities like sailing.

Getting Around

Getting around the Seychelles archipelago is easy and trouble free. An established network of sea and air transport from Mahe (the main island) connects all the islands in a systematic manner. Domestic flights, ferry services, hired cars and helicopter transfers are all available on a regular basis from most of the islands.

However, the main form of public transport on the islands of Praslin and Mahe is the bus. The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (STPC) runs quite a big network of 41 routes and makes more than 1,000 trips daily.

Good to Know / Tips

1. The Seychelles’ time is four hours ahead of GMT (GMT +0400).

2. The Seychelles currency is known as the Seychelles Rupee (SCR). One Seychelles Rupee is equal to 100 cents.

3. Surprisingly, most of the resorts and hotels in Seychelles do not accept the Seychelles’ currency. The British Pound Sterling and the U.S. Dollar are preferred mainly for their favourable exchange rate.

4. ATM machines are only available on the islands of Mahe and Praslin.

5. The best place for money exchange is the Mahe Island international airport. Here the banks remain open for all flight departures and arrivals.

6. Standard shop/market hours in the Seychelles
– 08:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday) and 08:00 to 12:00 (Saturday)

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