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Mahé Island is the most densely populated island out of the 115 islands making up the Republic of Seychelles on the Indian Ocean. Because of its long coastline, it is no surprise that the people of Mahé depend on fishing as one of their main forms of livelihood.

The local cuisine of Mahé has a variety of influences due to its colonial past. Therefore, food in Mahé has a combination of French and British cuisine with a good measure of seafood thrown in. The main fish caught here is tuna, which has given rise to a major tuna packing and canning industry. Therefore, a lot of Mahé cuisine contains tuna as the main ingredient.

Other than that, red snapper is a crowd favorite. This fish can be cooked in a curry of red chili and coconut with local spices or barbequed with garlic and red paste then wrapped in banana leaves to cook over time on charcoal burners.

If you are looking for local cuisine on Mahé, eat at the beach restaurants that specialize in regional dishes. However, if you prefer a fine-dining experience, you will find a large choice in the island’s hotels which serve world cuisine.

The island is known for its indigenous fruit called the Jamalac which is conical in shape. It tastes like an apple and is also similar in texture.

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Anse Soleil Restaurant

Not many people know about this quirky eating joint that offers authentic Creole cuisine. You can tuck your feet into the sand, since the restaurant is located on the Anse Soleil Beach itself and enjoy a plate of octopus curry.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 20:00 everyday
  • Location: Anse Soleil
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This restaurant serves international cuisine, pizza being the most popular among others that include fish, salads and pasta. You can walk in to the restaurant in your bathing suit after a relaxing swim in the sea right beside and enjoy a hearty meal and drinks.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 16:00 (lunch), 18:00 – 22:00 (dinner)
  • Location: Beau Vallon
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Boat House

You will find 20 elaborate Creole dishes to choose from at the buffet at Boat House. Grilled fish, papaya satini, breadfruit chips, local fish and chicken dishes are some of the delicacies to look out for here. You can just walk from the Beau Vallon beach and enjoy the warm and laid back ambience at the restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: dinner at 19:30 everyday
  • Location: Beau Vallon
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La Perle Noire

There is parking space available at the La Perle Noire. The ambience is perfect for a holiday meal and the fresh seafood and the kebabs here are to die for. The restaurant is mainly known for its Creole, Italian and international spread. It also has a bar constructed entirely from coconut wood. The red lobster in spicy sauce is a must-have at the restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: 19:00 – 21:30 every day except Sundays
  • Location: Beau Vallon
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Le Corsaire

If you are craving something European then Le Corsaire serves delicious steaks and has a romantic ambience, perfect for that quiet honeymoon dinner for couples

  • Opening Hours: 19:00 – 22:00 every day except Monday
  • Location: Bel Ombre
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Le Reduit Restaurant

You can place your last orders at the Le Reduit Restaurant at 21:00. The cuisine here is primarily Creole and is run by a local family at the top of a hill, away from the city. The green surroundings and the special delicacies served here such as fresh crab in coconut milk and fruit make it a must-visit for first timers at Mahé.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 every day except Sunday
  • Location: Victoria
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Lounge 8

This is probably the most well-known restaurant on the island. It is frequented by tourists and locals alike for its eclectic spread of cuisine ranging from regional to international food. Therefore, everyone can find something to eat here. The best part of Lounge 8 is its affordability.

  • Opening Hours: Drinks and dinner in the evening. Lunch reservations are available upon request.
  • Location: Vista Bay
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Marie Antoinette

If you are looking for Cajun and/or Creole cuisine, Marie Antoinette is an excellent choice. At the price for which food is available here, it is worth the 10-minute walk from the main town of Victoria. Although the menu has a fixed price and the order comes together with everything at once, it is highly recommended.

  • Opening Hours:
    * 12:00 – 14:00 (lunch) every day
    * 18:30pm – 21:00 (dinner) every day
    * Sunday Close
  • Location: St. Louis Road, Victoria
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Opera Restaurant, Café and Bar

The cuisine here is a mix of international food such as pizza and café-style food along with local Cajun and Creole spread. One can enjoy rabbit steak or tuna salad along with the usual fish and chips or rice. You can munch on pineapples, olives and cured banana chips while waiting for the food to arrive.

  • Location: Anse a La Mouche
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